Wicked Wolf Gin (42%)

Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin is our original gin. It uses the combination of 11 exotic botanicals producing complex layers of citrus and pepper notes finely balanced with the distinct flavours of juniper and coriander. Hibiscus, lemongrass, cardamom and kaffir lime leaves have been artfully blended with these traditional aromatics creating a full-flavoured, smooth gin. We suggest Wicked Wolf Gin is served with ice and lime over a sprig of thyme for a savoury feel. It is equally at home neat with a block or two of ice, mixed with a quality tonic or even ginger beer. Available in 70cl and 35cl bottles. Awarded Taste of the West Gold 2019, 2020 and a Great Taste Award Star.

Full Moon Gin (42%)

Full Moon Gin uses traditional juniper, coriander and citruses, but with the addition of mango and cracked black pepper. The mango is simply a hint of mango and the black pepper gives this gin a slightly more robust finish. Please note this is not a fruit gin - it simply happens to have fruit in it. Full Moon Gin mixes well with the classic Indian tonic water, however elderflower tonic really makes this into a lovely long drink. A fine slice of orange is a perfect accompaniment. Available in 70cl bottles. Awarded Taste of the West Gold 2019.

Lorna Doone 1869 Gin (42%)

1869 Lorna Doone Gin (42%) is our latest gin - it has been produced to celebrate 150 years since the launch of the book Lorna Doone. Our home and distillery are in the Valley in which the book is set. 1869 has a slightly more local feel to the botanicals with the use of meadowsweet, whortleberries (bilberries) and heather. It also contains vanilla which is obviously not so local! This gin is gentle but still has bags of flavour and a soft finish from the vanilla. We love 1869 it with a quality Indian tonic water and a fine slice of lemon. It also blends beautifully with Mediterranean Tonic water. Available in 70cl and 35cl bottles.

Exmoor Gold Gin (42%)

Exmoor Gold Gin has been created using Exmoor Ale’s, Exmoor Gold Ale, double distilled and then the gin is built around it. Juniper, lemon verbena, elderflower, coriander, meadowsweet and a unique citrus mix, bring this gin to life. Best served with a quality tonic water and thin slice of orange. Available in 70cl bottles.

Silver Bullet Gin (57%)

Our stunning Navy Strength gin, developed with our original 11 botanicals but carefully rebalanced to work at 57% abv. We only make 300 bottles a year of this as it is a slow process to create this beautifully smooth and flavoursome gin. Being 57% this is not for the faint-hearted, but is surprisingly easy to drink! We like Silver Bullet Gin served neat over a block of ice - it does however serve equally well with Indian tonic water and a slice of lime. Available in 70cl bottles. Awarded Taste of the West Gold 2019 & 2020 and category finalist in 2019. Awarded Great Taste 2 Stars in 2020.

Exmoor Vodka (42%)

Smooth, bright, crisp and sophisticated Wicked Wolf Exmoor Vodka is a versatile premium spirit double distilled with nothing but 100% Sicilian lemons and filtered through activated coconut charcoal. Our Exmoor Vodka boasts a clean crisp citrus note that is well suited to drinking on its own with a block of ice as a Vodka and tonic or as the backbone to any cocktail.

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